interim management Ambassadors - eine Initiative von Bühler Management

We are a community of interim management ambassadors, comprising top-notch executives and companies from all functional levels and sectors. As an initiative of BUHLER MANAGEMENT, we pursue our common goal to promote this modus operandi in the workplace.

Our vision is that interim management should be viewed as equivalent to permanent or fixed-term employment contracts. This instrument is clearly a subset of possible solutions available to decision-makers seeking to manage human capital.

Interim management as the future modus operandi

The framework is given

Flexibility and mobility

Flexibility and mobility are global megatrends – empowered and driven by digital connectivity and the application of novel technologies. Jobs are increasingly location-neutral (tele-jobs, remote working, etc.), while traditional jobs are losing their significance, because devoting one’s professional life to one company until retirement is outdated.

Work and business environment

Personnel costs make up the biggest chunk in the tertiary sector. Not to mention the steadily rising pressure in an enterprise to deliver. Often, staff cutbacks are the only way to trim costs. At the same time, the tasks for the staff continue to grow. The outcome: rising workload and pressure on each and every employee.

Following a successful career in the corporate world, many excellent executives seek greater self-determination, flexibility, and a better work-life balance. Such individuals prefer this modus operandi at the workplace.

Global megatrends have altered traditional business models. This can be demonstrated by the example of recruitment services, although the trends apply to many other sectors. Typical executive searches or headhunting, for instance, no longer function as in the past. Only enterprises that rapidly adapt their business models in the market will be able to exist successfully. The printing, media, and advertising industries are further examples of those under enormous pressure to adapt, for many years now.

Interim management as the future modus operandi

For enterprises, interim managers facilitate:

  • Maximum, need-driven flexibility in managing human resources;
  • Variable personnel costs, and
  • Support for enterprises to reach their goals.

Interim managers work as licensed self-employed entrepreneurs. They must be national and international heavyweights with a solid track record, to be successful in this market. Both interim managers and their providers boast excellent references and their priority is to execute customer contracts successfully.

The challenge

The biggest challenge faced by interim managers is that they are still considered as very expensive by most enterprises, where they are not yet fully accepted by the senior management.

As the provider, we seek to inform all concerned parties about interim management by contacting enterprises, associations, representatives, and the public sector. We accordingly ensure increasing acceptance and together help drive the modus operandi of interim management at the workplace.

We want to achieve these goals via integrated communications in all the media. Hence, each of our ambassadors has a special communications role to play.

The Interim Management Ambassadors

Title Family Name Given Name Industrie Function
Mag. Braunegger Bernhard IT, Consumer Goods and luxury goods, Services General Management, Business Development, Marketing & Sales, Strategy
Mag. Bühler Maria Th. Services, Industry, Start up, Consumer Goods, OTC, international Congress-Management, Environmental Industry General Management, Project Management, Marketing & Sales, Public Relations, Reorganisation, Merger & Acquisitions
Mag. Danler Renate J. Congress-Management, Events, Tourism, Culture, Internationalisation General Management, Project Management, Networking, Lobbying
MBA Endl Christian Industry, Telco, Automotive Finance, General Management
Mag. Grabner Christoph Metallurgical Industry, Machinery, Banking, Environmental Industry, Consumer Goods General Management, Merger & Acquisitions, Financial Engineering, focuson Southeast Asia
Mag. Gruber Matthias Industry, Food General Management, Business Development, Strategy, Merger & Acquisitions
Dkfm. Lettmann Siegfried Family Enterprises, Electro-technical and Metallurgical Industry, Machinery General Management in SME, Marketing & Sales
Dipl.-Kfm. Maron Henryk Petrochemistry, Consumer Goods Human Resources
Dr. Mörz Siegfried Production, Industry, Services M&A, Project Management, Acquisition, Financial Engineering, Strategy
DI Neef Hubertus Plant Construction, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive, Metallurgy Project- und Processmanagement, Quality Management, Risk Management, Merger & Acquisitions
Mag. Niederwieser Hannes Longlasting luxury Goods, Light Industry, Building Industry General Management, Strategy and Organisation, Marketing & Sales, Business Development
Dr. Ottitsch Franz Mechanical Engineering, Automation, Hospitality, Glass Industry General Management, Head of techn. Department, Research & Development
Mag. Patschg Rudolf Industry, IT General Management, Human Resources
Dr. Pollak Andrea Industry, Tourism, Banking, Food Advisory Services
DI Praxmarer Peter Plant Construction, Technology, IVF Merger & Acquisitions SME, CRO, Turn Around, Development, Sales
MBA Rott Manuela Consultancy, Industry, Services Finance
DI Wojta Günter Industry, Services Strategy, Reorganisation, Start up


Interim Management Ambassadors
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